Our mission is to spotlight artists who have struggled in the intricate “market” of the performing arts for over 15 years, but who are not yet in the map. We focus on artists who have something to say and have developed a personal language to say it. All we do is produce 2 minute videos of their work and to bring them to the attention of cultural institutions, programmers and curators.

Our first Uncharted is ecce cello. David’s work explores the relationship between classical music, technology and the body. Composer, performer and video artist, his stunning live performances have been polished through 20 years of career.  Just watch and decide whether you want to know more of ecce cello.

If you like it, then you can visit www.eccecello.com, and take a deep look to ecce cello’s work, or assist to a live performance. Or even better, you could book ecce cello!


We don’t book or manage these artists careers, please, for booking and stuff relative to their artistic works, contact them directly. For other matters, don’t hesitate to contact us.